Thursday, January 08, 2015

July in a Hurry

What'd I do in July? Let's see.

I got that art on the walls. Wish I'd gotten a couple more mirrors in Peru.

Christian came to visit. I picked him up at the airport, we had a Copper Onion dinner, then I drove him south to Provo.

Amuricah. This had me laughing.

Trevor was in town. I saw his parents' house and their trees and plants and stuff.

The big Fourth! I didn't have many plans and neither did Melanie, so we decided to get ourselves to Sugar House Park for the fireworks show. We stopped to survey the scene for 30 seconds and decide where to place our blankets, and were immediately engaged in conversation by two guys from Africa who are here working in mining. They wouldn't let us go til we gave them our numbers, and that ended up in several weeks of them texting selfies to us. So entertaining.

The next day I third-wheeled it on a Tinder date of Melanie's. Not exactly, but the guy lived far up in Logan and told her to bring a friend or two, and he'd have some friends, and we'd have a hang out. I hadn't been up north, so we made a short stop in Brigham City on the way.

Tom told us to bring bathing suits, and that we'd be going to a waterslide out in a field. Um....I had no idea what to expect, but it sure was pretty. And how does one dress for that afterward when your hair is wet and your makeup comes off? Girl problems.

The slide looked a little steep and scary at first, but if little kids were doing it, so could I.

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It was so much fun, and I giggled like that every time I went down that slide. Must go again next summer. We had a blast.

Next we went over to Tom's friend's house and were going to do campfire dinner. We were running out of time so we put the cast iron pots in the oven, and sped it up a little.

I took a little stroll while the food was cooking.

That right there is some excellent stuff. Bacon and cheese and potatoes and meat and all sorts of goodness.

We played with a few more fireworks until Melanie and I had to drive back home. Also, I didn't realize this firework trend would continue all month til Pioneer Day. The 4th of July is not the end, which I'd discover at 1am most nights when my neighbors continued to cause explosions.

First Twilight Concert Series of the summer! I was fortunate to be here last summer to catch a couple, so I was pleased again with the lineup in 2014. Kaelin, a high school friend, was in town for a conference, so we grabbed a bite to eat then walked over to the park to see Lauryn Hill. This little kid below was excited.

I was impressed that she showed up and it wasn't a spectacle. We didn't stay the whole time, opting to hit Bruges Waffles before the crowds descended upon it.

The next night I went to a super awesome party up in the Avenues. I don't mean that sarcastically at all - it was a really good party! My friend Tess lives in that house that threw it, and they had a lovely backyard set up, with tacos and music and good people. I even ran into a few people I knew from long ago. Terrible photo, but great party.

One Saturday I hit up the farmers market. I should've gone more this summer, I really should have. 

One booth is totally solar/bike powered - making smoothies in blenders powered by the sun!

I went to Tay and Court's one night for dinner. It was lovely and we sat in the backyard and tried to keep Max the giant away from our food.

The SLC library is awesome, BTW.

Colin's new band June Cat was playing a show at someone's house, so Nathan and I went. Pool party after!

Another cool house we found in that neighborhood. 

We had a work field trip activity outing to Red Butte Garden, then lunch at Ruth's Diner. One of my Christmas presents this year is a membership to Red Butte, and I can take 3 friends. Who wants to go?!

That may look gross, but it's awesome almond banana ice cream and it's healthy.

Marc J came to town and we hung out.  Had lunch at Great Harvest.  Maybe we took a walk at Liberty Park? Or maybe this was a Sunday night stroll?  And Cher came to town and we had sushi at my favorite Takashi.

Lots of shaved ice in my summer. I finally realized the best place is the one in the parking lot of my grocery store.

I got my first box from Stitchfix. I ended up getting one or two things from them, but while it's super fun to open their box and discover what they picked for you, it's kinda pricey. I should cut down on shopping anyway. This dress didn't make the cut.

One week at work, everyone kept asking me if I'd be coming in on Thursday. Um....yeah, why wouldn't I? Cause it's Pioneer Day and a state holiday! Whoops - totally didn't know about that one. I ended up working from home that day and took a little break to walk to the park and see the parade and the end of the marathon or whatever race they had. This is a big deal.

Marcello was in town and we hiked up around Brighton to the Lakes - Mary, Catherine, Martha. Soooo pretty. And we saw moose!!

Thank goodness for cell service - I quickly Google'd what to do when you encounter a moose in the wild. I didn't want to get eaten.

There's Lake Mary. 

Popped down to Settebello for dinner. Marcello always says it's his favorite, and there's one in Pasadena, but he never, ever, ever once wanted to go there in LA when I suggested it. So I made him go this time. 

Popped down to see the baby one Saturday on my way to Provo.

The Moth & the Flame were in town for another show. I grabbed dinner with these guys at El Gallo Giro. And my hair looks super light in that photo cause I'd just gotten it highlighted, now that I recall.

Mount Saint opened too - Brittany's new band. It was their first show ever, maybe?

Swimm played too - gotta love these LA/Provo connections.

I got cousin Daniel to come to the show, then we hit a late night spot for some Nutella milkshakes. So good.

Finally, Brig came all the way from NYC just to see Wu-Tang Clan for $5. We grabbed a bite across the street at Tin Angel, then met up with Jeff and Noelle and maybe a couple other people. I had no idea what I was in for. But Brig can name all the members of WTC!

And that is how I spent my July.

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