Saturday, December 12, 2015

An Oklahoma Christmas - 2014

Last year for Christmas I headed back to Oklahoma. Thank goodness for a non-stop flight into Tulsa, even if I had to drive a bit to get home. Tanner came to pick me up on his way from Stillwater.

Of course we had to stop at QT.  Truly the best gas station/convenience store I've ever set foot in.
Got home to Poteau and got to see the house renovations. Mom and Dad got a new kitchen!

Gotta have DP in the pantry.

And gotta have the annual puzzle tradition. Tanner doesn't look too thrilled.

We made Christmas tamales. I think we had about 80 of them?

Did some genealogy - Diocletian? Marcus Aurelius? I just kept going further back in time....

We love Mexican food.


We had the missionaries and some friends over for dinner/snacks/games one night.

You are the cards you win in the game, right?

Our  tree on Christmas morning.

I got stuff for Tanner to care for his beard.

Christmas Day meal.

Prime rib.

Then we took a trip out to the blueberry farm. 

I had on my muck boots.

 Sweet Honey dog died earlier in the year. I went to her grave and shed a little tear. She was a great dog.

She's buried at her favorite place - out on the farm.

I match the berries.


Looking towards Sugarloaf.

Took a drive out to Wister Lake to see their lights.

We had family lunch out at Bud's one day. Bud's is a gas station, restaurant, pool hall, campground, and much more, all in one. Good BBQ on Fridays.

The guy in the back is a regular. It was a hoot to listen to all those guys come in for lunch.

High school stadium tour - my old cheerleader days.

Me and Tan man.

Always have to go to Braum's. M&M mix in chocolate yogurt - my favorite thing.

Driving up to Tulsa so I can catch my early flight back the next morning. I stayed the night at ole Bill's house - he just moved back to OK from DC.

A photo that Bill took of us - sadly, I didn't take one with him. But he's one of my oldest friends. We had a nice time catching up, especially since my parents probably haven't seen him since 1997.

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