Monday, December 28, 2015

Stuff from September...

Let's see if I can finish up the 2015 posts before next year arrives, shall we? After my birthday in September, a few days later we celebrated Nathan's birthday with his favorite steak. I made him some delicious cupcakes.

There was a super blood moon one night, so Lacey, Sergio and I hit the park and tried to get some shots. I think mine turned out decent, for the little camera that I have.

I hadn't gotten tickets to Brandon Flowers, since I was out of the country, but Ty convinced me that we should try our luck to the sold out show, and we got lucky. I met some girl at the mall, paid her money, she transferred tickets to my phone, and off I went. B Flow - I love you.

Shannon came into town for General Conference weekend - hooray! The sky was happy that day.

We had a Phoenix girls reunion that Friday night at Provisions, which I'd wanted to try. The pork apricot dish below was solid, and this cauliflower dish we ordered was SO good. I'll be back.

I had a haircut in Provo on Saturday morning, so I took Shannon over to Meghan's while I did that, then we explored Utah beauty and the Alpine Loop that afternoon.

We headed back to SLC in a bit of rain, grabbed some dinner and went to see The Martian.

Shannon had gotten tickets for Sunday morning of General Conference, and Celisse was gracious enough to drop us off and pick us up, so no dealing with parking and traffic. It had been a long time since I'd been in person, and it will be a long time until I do it again. It was so noisy and the people in front of me were taking photos with their iPad. And everyone talked through the music. Ugh. Definitely stay home.

Quick fact - Isaac Morley is a relative of mine, so this was fun to see.

We watched the rest of conference from my house. Much better choice.

Snapped this from a parking garage when I went to see Prophet's Prey. So creepy, yet fascinating.

Obsessed with the Balkans, and I picked up some light reading.

A coworker of mine got this box of motivational cards as a gift - she thinks they're hilarious, and now a group of us draw one every day and read it in a bit of a snarky tone. What is this crap?

I started volunteering with a refugee organization here in SLC, and they assigned me as a mentor to a family from Iraq. I really love going to their house a couple times a week, and I am always rewarded generously with food. These little date stuffed things are good! We cooked them together on one of my first days.

Lacey works with the Make a Wish foundation, and they hosted a masquerade ball for one of the Wish Kids. The public was invited to the State Capitol, so I found a mask and we went. Felt like crashing a high school prom, but it was fun to see.

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