Friday, December 11, 2015

Last December....2014

So before this December is over, here's a look back at a year ago, since the December post has been in draft forever.

I guess I finished my week trial of bikram yogal, where I tried to stay warm. And I burned enough calories sweating to eat WaffleLuv.

Nathan and I visited some thrift stores - his favorite.

Then some sushi burrito.

Cher was in town and we braved a dance party put on by the Provo Yacht Club. It was alright, but I felt a little old. T Bone Banks and I had been trying to put on our own dance party somewhere in Utah, so it was good to check this one out.

Time with little Hal. Crazy how much she's grown in the last year! But she still loves my purse.

Went out with Taylor and Courtney for some pupusas. Good stuff in Provo.

We visited downtown Provo's Christmas stuff and all their business windows. A friend did this design. 

Sergio and I drove out one night to the Tree of Life in Draper.

The moon was crazy big coming up over the mountains.

I bought one of these, and I still love it.

I love getting Christmas cards.

Christmas concert with the Utah Chamber. I was super impressed that they lost their music to Joy to the World, so someone in the choir wrote a new version the night before, and they played it for the first time at the show. We all sang along to that and to O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, and it was lovely.

After the concert we headed to Hatch Chocolates, where we had a night of magic and a tour of the basement, where Steve told us all about the ghosts who inhabit the place. Kinda creepy!

Shopping at the mall and found a reindeer.

Happy Christmas to me - stellar deal on Frye Boots.

Peruvian food with Nathan. Del Mar al Lago is pretty stellar.

I got sick.

I bought a new coat. 

Temple Square visit with some friends. 

Windows at Macy's. 

I volunteered with work at a nearby elementary school to throw a Christmas party for some kids who may not get much. We did cookie decorating and other games, and gave out presents. Going back next week again!

I crocheted a headband and it was ridiculous. I'm not crafty. Never again.

More Temple Square with the YW in my ward.

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