Tuesday, December 29, 2015

November Stuff

During November I was participating in a six-week challenge at OrangeTheory - working out 4x a week and eating clean. Celisse was staying with me for a bit and made this super delicious, tasty, and healthy dish. Roasted veggies, quinoa, sausage, and I couldn't get enough of it.

Fall was on the way out.

Winter on the way in.

Sugar House Park was gorgeous one day.

I went to a bonfire full of random people that I'll never see again, nor remember, but at least they had great snacks and beverages.

I got a honey and salt body scrub, followed by a massage one Saturday. It was bliss. Here's a shower photo so I can remember how much I had to scrub to get all that stuff off of me.

Miles sold The Press! No more pie and cider. He had a send-off party, and we had a last glass.

Right after pie, I met up with Caroline, who recently moved back to Utah, and we went to dance our hearts out with Above & Beyond. I still love these DJs, and while I felt a bit old, I didn't care. We went to the back, got our dance on, and went home at a reasonable hour.

Cool kids.

I went to NYC. More on that later.

Had a hilarious laugh at work from a coworkers drawing of Gwen. I still roll when I look at it.

My refugee family feeds me so well when I go to tutor. Not sure how much I'm helping with English, but....

At work we finally did a team activity - a cooking class! They usually end up getting cancelled because we're all too busy, but we made this one. And it was great!

This was a sauce class. We did a couple pan sauces, including this marsala.

I worked on a salted caramel sauce that was SO good.

And then we got to eat it all! The salad dressing we made was AMAZING.

Also a cherry gastrique over pan-seared scallops.

I wanna drink that caramel.

Right after I got back from NYC, I had let Courtney know I was back in town, in case over the next week they needed some help with new baby coming. That same afternoon, she let me know they were on their way to the hospital, a few days early. And Quinn arrived! I hurried down to Provo and had a quick catch up day with Meghan, since she had missed our NYC trip (more to come) and then I went to the hospital to meet Baby Quinn.

Courtney is a champ.

Baby burrito!

Hallie had to come to the hospital since Quinn was arriving fast, but Courtney's parents came to get her. She was excited though.

Back at home, I made some chicken using a cooking class sauce, and it turned out well.

Back down south for more Quinn time. Taylor was sick and couldn't hold her for a few days.

I also stopped by Velour to see my Moth & the Flame friends and fans. These two - my favorites.

Somewhere that week I went to the first Ballet West performance of the season, and it was great. I'm glad ballet is back!

Jessica got a new studio and held an open house, so a crew of us gathered one evening. Lots of people I like in one place. Also we got a huge gang of people together to see Ryan Hamilton at Wiseguys Comedy. Why don't I do that more often? Who doesn't like to laugh? I should see more comedy shows.

Birdie's opened a holiday pop-up shop, and I went a lot! Her cookies are so good!!

More niece time with Hallie.

I always want to cuddle her, but she's too busy running around. However, she's now discovered Frozen and she sat in my lap to watch it for nearly an hour! I was amazed. I love her.

So long, sheets. You ripped to pieces while I was sleeping, and I got new ones.

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