Monday, December 14, 2015

Birthday! Birthday!

My trip to the Balkans was my birthday present to myself, so right as I came back I got to celebrate with friends over the next week in September. Nathan greeted me as I visited the monstrosity of a singles ward the Sunday after I returned. I couldn't wake up on time to get to my own ward. Thank goodness for options around here.

While I was away, Emily and Celisse conspired to throw me a party, which they did on Monday. It was a small gathering of great food and most of my favorite people in SLC. Practically perfect.

Coworkers even got in on the celebrations. And one of them even has the same birthday.

Hooray for cookies and sour candies.

We also started a hilarious daily reading of these inspirational cards from Dr Dyer at work, and this was mine on my birthday.

On the night of my birthday I went with Taylor and Courtney and Hallie to Pizzeria 712, which is delicious. Little Hal was sick, but still smiled for some photos. Also, she wasn't eating her pizza, but when we asked the waiter to bring the balsamic vinegar back to the table, Hallie dipped and ate every bite. Funny little one - gotta always dip something. 

Solid stuff right here. 

After pizza I went down to Provo to see Christian and Chrissy who were in town, and they made me a cake, too! Well, Chrissy made it, and Christian tried to take credit.

Blurry, but happy.

I kept celebrating the rest of the weekend. Meghan came up and brought me Ruby Snap.

Friday night we went out to the Olympic Oval for a curling lesson. Turns out, it's really fun! And very strategic. I will  be paying much more attention during the next Winter Olympics.

Saturday morning was ladies who brunch at the Little America Hotel.

Then we managed a hike up at Alta.

All in all, it was an excellent birthday, surrounded by the best people I know.

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