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I Still Love You, New York

A few months ago, Meghan and I talked about going to NYC for her birthday in early November. We'd visit Holly and have a fun weekend, which would be a good distraction from her entering a new life decade and escaping her grad school stresses. We bought tickets and got ready. And then week before, Meghan called with the news that she couldn't go to NYC anymore - she had to fly to the Bay area for a job interview, at a place she really wanted to work. Boo! I decided to still go, and I'm sure glad I did.

I arrived super late at JFK on Thursday night and had to trek way Upper West Side to get to Holly and Brandon's place. The AirTrain wasn't running from the airport, so I had to take a bus to get connected, and even if I wanted to just be quick and take a cab, there were probably 100 people in line. Ugh. They graciously waited up for me, and I got to their place around 1:15 or something. But I so loved that as I came up from the subway onto their street, there were sti…

November Stuff

During November I was participating in a six-week challenge at OrangeTheory - working out 4x a week and eating clean. Celisse was staying with me for a bit and made this super delicious, tasty, and healthy dish. Roasted veggies, quinoa, sausage, and I couldn't get enough of it.

Fall was on the way out.

Winter on the way in.

Sugar House Park was gorgeous one day.

I went to a bonfire full of random people that I'll never see again, nor remember, but at least they had great snacks and beverages.

I got a honey and salt body scrub, followed by a massage one Saturday. It was bliss. Here's a shower photo so I can remember how much I had to scrub to get all that stuff off of me.

Miles sold The Press! No more pie and cider. He had a send-off party, and we had a last glass.

Right after pie, I met up with Caroline, who recently moved back to Utah, and we went to dance our hearts out with Above & Beyond. I still love these DJs, and while I felt a bit old, I didn't care. We wen…