Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Did I Really Need That?

We all know Gap is tanking. Fashion is a fickle business; they tried to get too trendy, are trying to go back to classics, and things just aren't working.

However, Gap, Inc. - don't fear. Even though your Gap stores may go down, I can single-handledly keep a positive cash flow for the overall corporation by my undying support and loyalty to Banana Republic. I've been a casual BR'er for a few years now, but now that you've upgraded me to Luxe status - wow, I've been shopping like a mad woman. Free online shipping has translated into 3 orders in just as many weeks, including one this morning. I fill out your special top-secret "BR Insider" surveys and this market research can help you stay on top. I know exactly what cut of pants I need, and that your buttondown shirts actually fit me in the chestal area (yes, I just said "chestal"). Don't ever change, BR. Don't ever change.

Did I really need to buy that Smokey Bear brown tailored shirt today? Of course! I'm finally embracing brown in my wardrobe, moving away from the black/white thing, and it compliments my hair. Right? And I know it'll fit perfectly. A classic for years.

There, I'm justified.

1 comment:

The Equalizer said...

I'm a fan of the chestal myself!

I was looking in BR this past weekend, trying to get my casual grown man on...in time...in time...

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