Saturday, April 29, 2006

Huh? It's What?

Alarm buzzes. Roll over, check the clock - 7:30.

K, time to get up. Wait, what day is it? Well, it's 7:30, must be time for work. Gotta get up. I have a lot to get done. Wait. Last night I went out. It was Friday night. That means today is Saturday. So why am I up so early? What's going on?

Yeah, I was really confused this morning, til I remembered that I was going to Hands On DC and it was going to start at 9am in SE DC. I did actually get myself out of bed to go, too. Yay. I even managed to pick the same metro car as LB and ES, both coming from very different directions than me.

We had a pretty good time, since we picked a smaller classroom. Did some moving, cleaning, painting, and headed out about an hour earlier than scheduled. The pizza didn't show up on time for lunch, since some Domino's employees got themselves locked out of the building. Something like that.

The SS ladies and I stopped at Gordon Biersch in Chinatown on the way home for some garlic fries. Mmmmm......get some if you've never had them! And bring some mints.

B and I caught Tsotsi tonight. Pretty intense film, very good, with an excellent soundtrack.

I'm currently in love with the new Above and Beyond album, Tri-State. It's on AOL at the moment, probably til Monday or Tuesday. Take a listen. Good mood music for....ya

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Andre said...

I feel like a bumbling idiot when i dont show up for engagements now...of course I had to pick the Saturday morning when the dealership was having a Customer Appreciation Day! Tons of people, bbq...and alot of people getting their cars fixed...Will talk to you about it @ work

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