Wednesday, April 12, 2006

For those of you who like your hands....

Don't visit Leflore County.... Really, who maims these days?

Yet another entertaining and gross story from the hometown newspaper.

Missing digit following altercation
For the second time in four months a Panama man has allegedly bitten off the body part of another person. Daniel L. Taylor, 21, was arrested Sunday following an altercation which left another man without a finger.

Taylor was booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center on charges of maiming, based on an affidavit filed by a LeFlore County Deputy. According to documents obtained from the LeFlore County Sheriff's Department, on Sunday Deputy Jerimy Emmert was called to an altercation in the Williams community.

Emmert said that he was told that the altercation had occurred between Taylor and Phillip Potter at the Frank Hamm residence. He said that he learned that Taylor along with his younger brother, who is a juvenile, were involved in a fight. He said that Potter allegedly attempted to break-up the two young men and stop the altercation.

"While Potter was pulling the two apart Daniel Taylor bit (his) right index finger off," Emmert said. Reportedly the finger was severed near the mid-point and doctor's have now had to remove it.

Emmert said that after Taylor allegedly bit Potter, the two men began to fight and Taylor was kicked in the face. Taylor is currently facing a similar charge following an incident earlier this year.

In January Taylor was charged with one felony count of maiming, after he allegedly bit off a portion of a man's ear when the man allegedly tried to prevent Taylor from assaulting his girlfriend. Taylor has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of assault and battery following the altercation with the young woman.

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Andre said...

Remind me not to make you angry ever...dear Lord...thats just straight up disgusting

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