Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blah blah blah blah


Blah. I really don't feel like writing anything else.

Weekend's been pretty excellent, though I'm pretty much broke. Darn pay checks being spread out for almost 3 weeks. Seriously - who does that?

JO, AT and I caught Devil Wears Prada Friday night, after a quick dash down to Alexandria once the Gtown theater was sold out. We squeezed in a Mexican dinner first in Del Ray, which is a super cutesy neighborhood, complete with "the regulars" at all the 'hood restaurants, dog walkers and lots of stroller-pushing parents. I feel like that's the place you go when you graduate from the city. It's the starter neighborhood for the beginning of settled life. Will I ever know such a thing? Don't think I want to....definitely not anytime soon. I also realized that once I start the new job, I'll be within blocks of AT, JO and AS - all of us, back to college BFF state and regular luncheons. Yay!

Saturday morning drug me back to urban reality. Waited at home til our groceries were delivered from online shopping, then hopped the metro 2 stops to Mocha Hut, the best coffee shop/hang out/cafe around. I need to make it a much more frequent occurrence in my life. The food is seriously excellent. Free wirless. Comfy chairs and fun bar stools. N and I got some work done after scarfing down lunch, then I ran home to get my Spanish cooking started.

A guy from one of the gargantuan Mormon congregations in VA decided to host a Spanish pot luck dinner for those who have lived in Spain and advertised in on the list-serv. I didn't know him, nor do I know many people in the VA sector, but I decided it'd be good for me if I went. So I did.... A tad scary, but turned out quite alright. Que comemos durante la cena? Bueno, tuvimos una paella maravillosa, tortilla (mi favorita!), papas con mojo, chorizo, queso manchego, gazpacho (lo traje eso), arroz con leche, galletas.... Mmmm....deliciosa! Espero que tengamos otra cena en el futuro.

Pues...nada. Eso es todo. No estoy cansada, pero pienso que deberia ir a la cama. Manana es domingo, y ahora que Caro no tiene coche, tenemos que tomar el Metro a la iglesia. Tenemos que salir media hora mas temprano, lo cual es un desafio para nosotras. Voy a escribir mas en espanol otro dia.... es buen practica, no?

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Unknown said...

Sure, wait til I'm out of town to visit my neighborhood. Sigh.

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