Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

Just about two hours til the first wave of the friends arrival starts.  The house is clean, dinner has been eaten, now what to do will I wait for planes to land?  Thankfully, all flights on time, despite the havoc in the Midwest.

I should pay homage to my dear old Volvo, RIP.
Almost three years ago, exactly, I lost her.  Yes, very sad.

I came to Arizona in August 2007 without a car, having never needed one in DC.  Since I've always loved Volvos, it was an easy choice to buy this one.  Six short months later in February, with my grandparents gone to Mexico for the winter, I was staying alone in their house and knew that my DC friends were freezing in snow.   I invited any and all to come out and visit me, and since I still didn't know many people here, it was validation for me that I was still capable of having friends.  I had someone in town nearly every weekend that I was home alone.

One of those weekends, we decided to trek to the Grand Canyon.  Let's just say we only got as far as Flagstaff before black ice and Volvo tires got in a fight, and I was on the losing side.  Not a bad wreck by any means, no injuries, but a slightly bent frame on a Swedish car equals totaled.

S60, I miss your sun roof, your comfy heated leather seats, your pretty color, your style, but I don't miss your turn radius.  Perhaps another day I shall buy one of your cousins.  Until then, I'll keep fond memories.

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