Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Winner!

Doing well in Jacinda's yearly Oscar pool is something I can take pride in (how do you not end that with a preposition?).

Victorious, once again this year!  I was successful with 19 of 24 categories chosen correctly.  I think last year I only missed two.  Either I'm incredibly over-invested in this, or I just think like a predictable Academy voter.

Categories I missed:
Art Direction
Best Director
Best Song
Short Film - Animated
Short Film - Live Action

Whoever gets those last two correctly?

I didn't make it to the movie marathon at theaters to watch all the best pictures nominees, but my old Georgetown classmate did and he lived to tell about it.  Go read Gilbert's tale of 24 hours of nothing but film.

This was a high point to end the weekend, though the rest of the amazing belated Valentine's weekend will be shared later.

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