Friday, February 11, 2011

To Russia, With Love

For all ten of you who read this blog, if you've got an extra ten dollars this month (tax refund?  bonus?), consider helping my friend EJ and his wife bring home Sergey from Russia.

EJ and Ashley hosted Sergey, an orphan from Russia, last summer and are now hoping to officially adopt him. I've loved reading their story, as Sergey is quite the 14-year-old character.

They've put together a fun fundraising puzzle project to not only raise money, but to let Sergey know how many people care about him.  Here's an email from EJ:

We are raising money to help bring Sergey home by selling sponsorships in the form of puzzle pieces for $10 ea. We have a 1,000 piece puzzle that we will frame with all of the sponsors printed on the mat, as a visual reminder of all the support we received from family, friends and even strangers throughout our journey to bring him home. Every piece sponsored is greatly appreciated and helps us reach our goal. 
Where the money is helpful and very much appreciated, the greater cause of the fundraiser is to show Sergey all of the people that helped him come to America. As smart, cute and funny as he is, his self-esteem is extremely low after 7 years of living in an orphanage and being told he is worthless by pretty much everyone around him. We noticed how insecure he was around people he didn't know, and he was very fearful that our friends and family would not like him. We can't wait to show him the puzzle and tell him about the people that contributed to him coming -- to prove to him that he does have worth and it is shown through the love and support of people he doesn't even know. 

The link to their fundraising page is here:

Thanks, friends!

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