Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie Mania

I have this thing about trying to see all the Oscar Best Picture noms before the ceremony (mostly because I want to win Jacinda's pool and get a fabulous prize that she mails out.  Victory is sweet).  I'm usually able to do this every year, but it looks like AMC wants to make this a little easier with some movie marathons! 

Two Saturdays (Feb 19 and 26) - 5 movies each day.  You pay for a bulk deal and get a giftcard to offset your food cost, although I am a pro at sneaking in Mexican Pizzas and 32 oz sodas.  Lucky for me, the three flicks I haven't yet seen are all on the same day, so I'd only need a single day pass.  Hmmm.

Realistically, do I think I could do this?  Probably not.  I usually pass out after two in a row.  But the idea is cool and helpful in my worthless pursuit.  Plus, I like the big screens and dark rooms.

11am - Toy Story 3
1pm - 127 Hours (need to see)
3pm - The Kids Are All Right
5:45 - True Grit (need to see)
7:45pm - The Fighter (need to see)

If you're really crazy, you can watch all ten, back to back on Saturday the 26th.  Inception at 2am has got to be trippy.....

1 comment:

nerak said...

ok as a movie-obsessed freak, that's pretty much the greatest thing i have ever heard of. i wonder if i would like it better in theory than in practice, though... but oscar-nom films might make it manageable.

p.s. how much did you love the kids are all right? i loved it so so much.

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