Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recipe FAIL

MCB called yesterday and asked "what's for dinner?"  This is a rare request from him.

Nothing sounded good, so I turned to my Pinterest board for recipe ideas that I haven't yet made.

This look easy enough.  And cheap!  Penne with asparagus and balsamic butter, things I usually have on hand anyway.
Yeah, eating a bowl of entirely dark brown pasta with little bits of brown asparagus is not appealing to look at. Mine looked nothing like the pic above.  It was edible, but I think from now on we'll go out to eat more often.....

1 comment:

katilda said...

ok i love...LOVE...balsamic pasta. Have you ever been to Focaccia Fiorentina in downtown phoenix? they have a dish that's to die for. They put chunks of mozzarella in it. mmmm. Next time you're in town we have to go!! it's only open for lunch.

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