Monday, August 29, 2011

Things that Happened Lately

I went to see Deadmau5 last week.  In case you didn't know, he wears a mouse head while he plays.  He came on stage at midnight and did a 2 hour set.  I got home at 3am. I am getting too old for that on a school night.  It was crowded and hot and filled with teenagers, but I managed to dance a little anyway.

My friend Marc is in the process of moving to LA.  He doesn't have a place yet so he crashed at mine.  I like having visitors.  We had a nice neighborhood breakfast one day at Clementine.  

I paid a visit to Amoeba Records, but after cleaning out all my old CD cases when I moved to LA, I just can't bring myself to buy more physical CDs, even though I'm all about supporting local biz and music.  Maybe I need to just start buying imports.  I ate at Chan Darae twice.  I don't really know how that happened.  The service was excellent.  And the food was pretty good, too.

I took a lot of phone calls and responded to a lot of PINs from my best amigo who is stuck in Russia after Irene cancelled his flight back to JFK.  And then his visa expired, so he's got a big problem.  He sounds pretty miserable and maybe I don't need to go to Russia as soon as I thought I did.  Fingers crossed he makes his plane on Tuesday, cause he is one grumpy dude and will be getting home four days late.  I don't blame him for being cranky.  But I want my Russian presents!

I had a date with the ladyfriends in Malibu.  I still need to figure out where all the secret coastal access points are, since homes block a lot of it.  Either that, or I need to get really good at knocking on strangers' doors and asking if I can walk through their place to get to the beach.  
Maybe that's a celebrity behind us.  
We saw dolphins.  And ate salami and cheese and dried mangoes and sour apple fruit strips.  If you are what you eat, then I'm sour.
And then we went to see The Help, which despite being popular with the masses, is actually a great movie.  I'm glad I succumbed and bought the book. 
The crazy neighbor from upstairs finally moved out.  I won't have to hear her blow her nose (constantly) all the time.  Or hear her yell on the phone that her life is miserable and she needs someone to come over and help her.  Oh, and there's also the low moaning.  Back surgery?  She's in pain a lot.  She gave me her vintage coffee table.  I might miss her outbursts - they keep it exciting around here.  She was really nice when I went up to get her stuff that she thought I might want since she knows I just moved in.  Within 20 minutes, she'd offered me a joint, a cigarette, a beer and called me darlin' or something.  And when she saw the downstairs neighbors come home, she quickly ran inside and told me she didn't like them because they were strange and crazy.  Hmph. 
I came in late Friday night in the dark, totally forgetting that I have a coffee table.  I now have a really nice painful bruise on my left shin.  Oh, and my roommate bought a TV.  I will have cable for the first time since I lived in DC.  Whoa.  We'll be watching a lot of college football - please come over any Saturday.  We've got a 51-inch plasma.
I also inherited another set of drawers from upstairs crazy neighbor.  I need more drawer space.  Maybe I can finally put away all my clothes before my parents arrive in LA on Thursday.  It was pretty junky, but I took it apart, put it together and gave it a little reinforcement.  Easier than going to IKEA to get a new one.

I went to South Bay for lunch to eat at Chicken Maison with PtotheDees.  It was healthy and delicious, just like the website says.  And now I am reading the Washington Post travel chat and Dear Prudence, just like I do every Monday afternoon.

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nerak said...

Marc Owen?

Dude, 3 am on a school night -- very impressive!!!

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