Friday, August 26, 2011

Turkey for Turkey Day

In less than 90 days, I will be in Turkey. I have zero idea what I'm doing when I get there. The Istanbul part should be pretty easy. But after 4-5 days there I'll have time for one, maybe two more places, Where else do I go?  Quality of places over quantity.  I wanna settle in.
Cappadocia?  Is the hot air balloon ride really going to be worth it or is it one of those over-hyped things?
Ferry across the Black Sea?
Uh, probably not.

Rental car vs flying vs taking a bus/train (which takes forever).  Sail to a Greek Island?

I think I need to go read The Paradox of Choice.

1 comment:

nerak said...

you should talk to bryndee, she went there for 2 weeks in May/June.

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