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Things that Happened Lately

I went to see Deadmau5 last week.  In case you didn't know, he wears a mouse head while he plays.  He came on stage at midnight and did a 2 hour set.  I got home at 3am. I am getting too old for that on a school night.  It was crowded and hot and filled with teenagers, but I managed to dance a little anyway.

My friend Marc is in the process of moving to LA.  He doesn't have a place yet so he crashed at mine.  I like having visitors.  We had a nice neighborhood breakfast one day at Clementine.  
I paid a visit to Amoeba Records, but after cleaning out all my old CD cases when I moved to LA, I just can't bring myself to buy more physical CDs, even though I'm all about supporting local biz and music.  Maybe I need to just start buying imports.  I ate at Chan Darae twice.  I don't really know how that happened.  The service was excellent.  And the food was pretty good, too.
I took a lot of phone calls and responded to a lot of PINs from my best amigo who is stuck in …

Musical Monday

Since I used to be a gymnast and I am down with anything electronica, today's musical moment brought to you by Elite Gymnastics.

Go download here (except they have a new site, and it's not always working...hmmm)

Turkey for Turkey Day

In less than 90 days, I will be in Turkey. I have zero idea what I'm doing when I get there. The Istanbul part should be pretty easy. But after 4-5 days there I'll have time for one, maybe two more places, Where else do I go?  Quality of places over quantity.  I wanna settle in.
Cappadocia?  Is the hot air balloon ride really going to be worth it or is it one of those over-hyped things?
Ferry across the Black Sea?
Uh, probably not.

Rental car vs flying vs taking a bus/train (which takes forever).  Sail to a Greek Island?

I think I need to go read The Paradox of Choice.

She is Magical

Florence + the Machine

When I realize that she's only 25 and that Adele's even younger, I think - man, what was I doing my my early 20s? Not anything this awesome.  Does that mean my prime has passed?

I'm a Closet Raver

I'll be gettin my dance on with Deadmau5 tonight in Hollywood.

Minus the E, the glowsticks, trashy clothing, candy bracelets, and pacifiers, of course.
My J Crew, Mormon self wouldn't know what to do with all of that.

Crash Course in Parenting

How could you not love these sweet little faces below?

I still do, even after filling in as a helper parent for several days last week and being totally unsure about what I needed to do most of the time.  Thanks, Erin, for putting up with my ineptitude!  I think I'll need a pretty good partner in crime before I decide to have my own.
See - I'm never, ever around children.  I never babysat as a teenager for extra money.  Sure, I helped with my own two brothers, but anything to do with anyone else's offspring, no thanks.   I never interacted with children while in college/living in downtown DC.  I don't see them (or anyone, really) now that I work from home.  I don't have nieces or nephews.  I don't see kids at church because I attend a congregation of single people.  I just don't really know what to do with them.  My child confidence is pretty low, especially when they're at an age where I have to guess what they want/need.  Oh, and I haven't cha…

30 Days to DC

Just realized that when I go back to DC next month, I'll get to go to this!

Thanks to PBS for featuring the new single Mormon center in DC.  Well, in "little Provo,"  but close enough.

Watch the full episode. See more Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly. And today during Jacinda's phone call, we scheduled a visit to The Tombs that weekend, where I may try and get my birthday stamp, although a decade too late and not necessary.

Hail, oh Georgetown, alma mater. I'm excited to see you again.

Musical Monday

Once again - Gary Lightbody, can we please be friends?

A Little View of My Weekend

Despite the fact that I'm mostly inept with children, I am doing my best to help corral these two while their mom takes care of the newborn and their dad kicks off grad school away from home. It's a riot.

Wordless Wednesday


Crate Reunion - February 2011

February is one of the absolute best months of the year in Phoenix, when I really did love living there.  Except this particular year, it was cold!  Every Feb I've headed down to the Phoenix Open (I still refuse to call it by its full name) to watch some good golf and have some food.  A coworker of mine always ends up with tickets to a corporate tent, so we'll go on the day of the Pro-Am to see some celebs play golf and hang out.

This year we drove up around lunch time into the parking lot, only to hear announcement that the greens were frozen and golf was cancelled for the day.  What?!  Crazy.  However, tents were still open, so we ventured in for food and thankfully most tents had heaters.  As you can see, the view was nice, but there's no golf to be had!
Even if the tourney turned out to be a bust, that's okay, because a couple days later our Crate reunion 2011 was going to kick off!  It'd been a couple years since we'd all been together, and Keri couldn…

Birthday Party to Wedding Party - February Flashback

So in 2009, I had the best birthday ever in Los Angeles.

But before I went out of town, my friend Anne hosted a lovely party for me in Phoenix, so I could celebrate with lots of people, which was also awesome.  Anne had just moved back to Phoenix from DC (where we originally met) and immediately started doing what she does best - cooking and party throwing!  Since she didn't know too many people in AZ yet, and it was my birthday, I was in charge of the guest list.  Little did either of us know, she was going to meet her future husband at this party.

So yeah - back in February I had the honor of attending her wedding to Dee, who is awesome, and I am happy that I was able to introduce them and watch them start dating and fall in love and all that sap.  New LA friends - maybe one of you will meet your future spouse if you come to my birthday party next month.

Rebecca came in from Cali, we dragged Scott out of his hiding hole, and we had delicious desserts made by my friend Linda, wh…