Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Brooklyn Stars - Part II

Okay, back to New York.  This trip was just getting started.

In my quest to be ever efficient and optimal at life, I knew I had to do something to improve the quality of my meals in New York on this trip.  There are just too many places to eat, and I'm usually driven by location, convenience, and hunger, rather than the potential quality of food and happiness I will enjoy.  Here's where blog-stalking pays off, people.  Take a lesson.  Find a subject matter expert.

Brigham has a blog filled with great food, people, and photography.  Go take a look!  One blog comment from a few months ago led to a real life meeting and lots of eating.  Brig didn't disappoint, neither in dining choices nor his real life persona.

We met up Friday afternoon and went to Brooklyn, for food, chocolate, and other adventures.  He took photos of our food at Roberta's - that pizza and burger and salad were pretty dang amazing.  Mast Brothers Chocolate smelled like heaven.  Inhaling in that space was glorious.

Bao time later.  Those bao fries with sesame sauce were pretty bomb.

I went for a long run in lower Manhattan on Saturday.  I saw some spring things.

Western Beef, an amusing little grocery store.

High Line adventures after Italian dinners.

Sunday after church I trekked out to Ari's for a book club.  We took a photo to send to Mark for his birthday.

Brooklyn sky.

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