Thursday, October 13, 2005

At Least There Was a Cute Med Student

Last week sometime I developed this weird breathing problem. I think I had it when I was younger, allergy related or something. I don't recall ever doing anything about it though, and it eventually went away. Well, it's back. I felt kinda sick all around Thursday night, so I went to bed early and took half a day off work last Friday. I felt alright that night and decided to go to a friend's birthday party. Not a wild party by any means, more like sit on the couch and eat pizza.

So I'm chilling on the couch and suddenly I start to feel really bad. Before I could say, "let's go home," someone says, "Wow, you look really pale." Then I realized my entire body tingled - like when your foot falls asleep, except it was my legs, arms, chest, neck, and face. My breathing wasn't normal either. Weird!! I decided to play it safe, and I ended up going to the Gtown Hospital ER since I was only 4 blocks away. While I sat in the waiting room, my facial muscles got tight and I couldn't move my mouth properly. Nothing like this has ever happened to me!

I got a lovely IV (my arm's still bruised) that made my blood squirt everywhere, a chest X-ray, and an EKG. All normal. Oxygen 100%. Hello? You can't tell me anything?! I called to make a follow up appointment with a doc, but they can't get me in for a month. A whole month! What am I supposed to do til then? I feel okay now - breathing is sometimes normal and sometimes not. I'm still going to the gym (I can't lose my momentum!), but I'm taking it sorta easy.

Don't worry - I'm not going to die. And I met a cute med student. Of course - Gtown has some hotties. Now to get my other Gtown med friends to track him down for me......

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Andre said...

You are an official SFL..Stalker for Love...muahahahahahaha

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