Thursday, October 20, 2005

Busy Busy

It's been kind of a crazy week. Not at work so much, just personal life getting busy again. I like it that way. It's late, and I need some sleep, but I'll share a few random thoughts.

First up, quote of the day:

No matter how flatlined my libido is Halloween always gets me turned on. --- J

What am I going to be for Halloween? It's so not my holiday - dressing up is always a chore that I leave for the last minute, then I can never find anything fun/cool/different to wear so I do something lame. I'd rather be at home handing out candy to the cute trick or treaters or wondering around Georgetown laughing at the craziness. I have several social engagements that weekend that I should probably make an appearance at, but I don't have a costume so I'll just have to cancel. Sigh.

So yes, the holidays are fast approaching. I need to go home for Christmas this year, since I haven't since 2002. My brother is finally back from El Salvador and will be coming home from his college break, so it'll be a nice family togetherness thing. Plus my mom told me today that she just bought Christmas dishes. No excuses now! However, Crate sent me a lovely card this week saying they'd love to have me back during the busy holidays. I think I'm gonna do it - extra money is nice, plus I know everyone and pretty much everything about the store after 2 years of experience. If Crate will give me Christmas weekend off, I'll do it. I'll make the trek across town on cold Saturday mornings to slave away with crazy, needy customers. Then maybe I can pay for all this travel I have to do, including my best friend's wedding. Another one bites the dust....

I watched a bizarre Czech movie tonight. It was kinda fun to see a few random Czech words that I know pop up in coversation - dobry den/dobrou noc, pivo, dobra voda, pomoc. What a cool language, but quite impossible to learn for leisure. The movie's about a couple that hides a man who escaped from a concentration camp, with a few twists. Not quite what I expected, but rather good. I've always been drawn to movies/books about the Holocaust. I don't know why it fascinates me so much. I think it's because the stories are real. Real people, real circumstances, personal tales. I like knowing what goes on with individual lives.

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