Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cold and Miserable

I'll warn you now - this is a complaint post. I'll be back to my chipper self soon though, don't you worry.

My ankle hurts, which means I can't run. My streak will disappear. I have a sinus/head stuffiness thing going on. I have a weird pain in my arm where I had my IV a couple weeks ago. It is raining. It is 43 degrees outside. It feels like 38 degrees. Where did fall go?! Last week I was still wearing flip flops and light sweaters. Today I had to bring out the heavy coat, scarf, and gloves. I'm looking for my hat to wear tomorrow. My house is hard to heat, so it's always cold. I realized that this new commute is outdoors 75% of the time, including waiting for a bus and two outdoor metro stations. It's gonna be a cold one folks, and I'm not excited in the least.

To top it off, I wanna be in bed, curled up with Netflix goodness, but one's not due in the mail til tomorrow.

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