Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Perfect Saturday

Today didn't start out exactly as I planned, but it's turned into a wonderful day. Every weekend should be like this. New goal is to make every Saturday great by getting out. It certainly helped that the sun actually made an appearance - the first time in days. Perfect 76 degrees outside. Who could ask for anything more? I hope to have a couple more days like that before it gets too cold.

N and I took off from home around 11:15 for brunch on U St. On the way we stopped to discover a new coffee shop on 9th (yay for free wireless), which could be a fun place to hang out on weekends. However, Mocha Hut on U is taking the cake right now. Cute place, GREAT food, fun people watching, and more free wirless. It took me about 10 minutes to decide what to order, cause it all looked so good. I finally settled on the Blue Plate special - home fries, eggs, bacon, toast, served with tomatoes and arugala. Yum. N had a fantastic frittata, which I will have to order next time. It was simply divine.

We continued our walk down U, meandering through cute boutiques (amazing shoes, though they cost a good % of my rent) and found a cool vintage store just full of all sorts of random things, including an awesome black vinyl bench, cool barstools and Smurf glasses! Oh childhood.....

Walked down to Dupont, where I discovered a consignment shop that I should've known about a long time ago. Fantastic finds. I tried on a pair of 4-inch black Prada pumps. No way I'd ever be able to walk, so I had to put them back on the shelf. Next stop, tabletop, where I picked up a new bag. I've needed one for awhile, since the one I've had for 789 years is finally falling apart. I also added a 2006 calendar to the mix, for the insatiable traveler. That's me, no doubt.

Finally we walked to Georgetown to meet up with T and K for a bit more shopping. Find of the day - cute pink skirt at Club Monaco. I've only been in that store once before, but I'm glad I stopped in today!

I'm now safely at home, where I can't spend any more $$.....

A crude map of today's adventures:

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Andre said...

I really shoulda put your cell numba in my cell! I was down in DC today with Hope meandering around the Smithsonian area. Was at the Native American history museum and then a walkthru of the Millions More Movement...interesting stuff learned all around. Plus I got a ring from Capn Stapp about his new ride - he is lovin it. Pics on my end real soon

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