Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's Just a T-shirt!

Funny story from Saturday's game. In about the 6th inning, Nats people run onto the field and shoot t-shirts up into the stands. Cheap t-shirts that are probably all XXL. So cheap, they don't even sell them I bet.

A t-shirt flies through the air and lands somewhere behind me. I turn around to see a woman leaning over the railing from the walkway, while another white trash woman in the last row of my section is standing up. Apprarently the shirt hit the railing and they both went after it. They now both have their hands on the shirt and are pulling back and forth. The woman in my section GRABS the other woman's chest and shakes her, spilling beer all over. Awesome. About 10 minutes later, after stadium officials intervened, the lady in my section won though she was quite pissed about the whole ordeal. After all, she's entitled to a shirt since she bought a ticket, as her bf later yelled.

As one guy commented, "That's what happens when you put rednecks and free s%$* together. All hell breaks loose."

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Andre said...

ROFLMAO @ that last comment

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