Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Midwestern Look?

While coming home from work on the Metro yesterday, a woman leaned over and asked if she could bother me for a minute. Sure, I said. Then she asked me if I would proofread a resume. Proofread a resume?! Does anyone else get these sorts of questions on public transit?

I talked to my mom later about how all sorts of people approach me. I get asked for directions ALL the time. Cars pull over to ask directions from me. People walking on the street. People in the metro (see my previous Mustapha post). I think they must sense my innate sense of direction and knowledge of the city, but my mom says I have a nice approachable Midwestern look about me. Hmmm.....

1 comment:

The Equalizer said...

It's just because you're hot and you have dark brown hair. As well as eyes that say..."Hey, lets chat"

I swear.

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