Monday, October 10, 2005

Weirdos on the Metro

Seriously, they all came out of their holes today. I guess since it was a holiday (and I still had to work - boo) everyone was out and about. Started out at my metro stop, waiting 12 minutes for the train. I sat down, reading the paper, headphones on - clearly I don't want to be bothered - and the woman next to me starts talking all loud. There's no one else around, so of course she's talking to me. I remove one side of the 'phones and listen to her babble on about how she forgot to take the curlers out of her hair. Kinda funny. I watched her fix her mane once we were on board.

Next up, woman on the escalator at Ft. Totten. She has a ruffle dress on. Top long ruffle is turquoise, next one in the middle yellow, finally a red one at the bottom that stops at her knees. Underneath, some cropped black leggings and sneakers, complete with one red sock and one turquoise sock. Fancy...

Finally, on the train to SS and on walks the Hunchback. I wanted to remind her that Halloween is still a few weeks away. A long black cape with hood covered her gigantic backpack. Short reddish hair with a long rat's tail braid in the middle. Black fingernails, horror novel in hand, and she was set to spook some people. It was funny watching people watch her.

Tomorrow the regular commuters should be back on - whew.

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