Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to the Grind

Work wasn't half bad today. Super busy, which is good, but not in an overwhelming way. I'll probably have to put in a couple extra hours this week, but I don't mind. I like when things are that way, and I usually perform at a higher level when I have to stay on top of things. Bring it on! Sadly the same can't be said for my personal life lately. There's too much going on, and I know for a fact I've let some people down. Still trying to figure out how to manage that one, besides apologizing AGAIN. Hmmm....

The Self Challenge 2006 started yesterday, so I made sure to hit the gym hard today - I gotta keep up with the buddies I'm linked to! Superstar's been working out like a mad woman and when I see all the exercise she's done, it's awesome motivation. It felt so good to sweat today, after not being in the gym for 5 days. Goal for the summer - sculpted shoulders and back, along with getting rid of the belly fat. Watch out sunshine and beaches - I'll be ready for you this year. Pilates already kicked my trash this weekend; I'm eager for more such punishment.

After the gym I rushed home tonight to meet up with Jorge, getting there just 5 minutes before he did. We went out to Bowie to eat at my favorite Italian place, Carrabba's. I don't advocate chain restaurants by any means, but this one is a worthy exception. I haven't found a better spaghetti and meatballs anywhere, and I'm what you might call a pasta expert.

Jorge and I are going to World Cup this summer, at least we think so. All our attempts at securing game tickets have been unsuccessful, so I'm inclined to a) not go at all since I should probably pay off some debt or b) go to Europe, just not go to Germany where things are going to be very costly. Jorge on the other hand is full-force, gung-ho, fully engage, we're on no matter what. Yeah....we gotta talk about that some more.... He certainly deserves a trip after spending the last 8 years in premed/med school. He's got a couple weeks between med school and residency, AND he's never been to Europe, so he's gotta do something to celebrate. Sigh. Time to research other options.

And now, time to catch some figure skating, chat online with friend in Uzbekistan, return my dad's emails (he just got a Palm Treo, trying to convince himself that he's young and hip. He hung up on me 3 times today and was only successful in sending email from it after a detailed conversation - he's got some catching up to do), finish a movie to get my Netflix queue moving, answer more emails, finish a short thing for work, play academic counselor to my brother, and get to bed so I can get to tutoring at 8am. Good night!


Andre said...


Andre said...

I feel inspired to do more!

::gulps down some Jolt and Pepsi::

Unknown said...

Me too

::downs some crystal meth::

Andre said...

They have that in liquid form in the store already?? WOOT!

I knew I could count on you for that insider consumer tipoff Mr. Hickman

*what Hickman doesn't know is that Jack has spiked his crystal meth with...high intensity prune juice tablets!*

Unknown said...

Then you'll be high...AND regular.

It's the best of all possible worlds.

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