Monday, February 06, 2006

What Did I Do to Myself?!

More than forty-eight hours after the weirdly easy-while-you're-doing-it-yet-dying-after-workout, I'm still hurtin. Badly. Sunday morning I could hardly get out of bed, much less make it down the stairs. B was nice enough to give me a leg massage during the Super Bowl last night, and even then my legs seemed to be getting tighter. I just have huge knots from knee to hip. I expected to be sore after a new workout, but this takes things to a whole new level!

This morning was still bad (man, am I a complainer or what?), and I think I got some strange looks on my way to work, as well as some laughs when I went out to lunch and walked up and down a couple flights of stairs. Of course on the way home the escalators at the metro station were out of order and I had to walk down them. Yeah, made sure I was last in that line. At least I wasn't forced to decide between rushing to catch a train and killing myself on the stairs or sucking it up and waiting 17 minutes for the next one.

Thankfully LW2, aka Spyder, introduced me to muscle relaxers this afternoon. Oh yeah.... Drugs=GOOD. Within half an hour my legs were much better. Still hurts to walk, but it's a big relief to have about 45% of the knots gone. I popped another pill tonight and can't wait to take the one in the morning. When is this thing gonna be over?

In other random thoughts, every kitchen should always have fresh baguette, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yuummmm......

I never really discovered the joys of balsamic vinegar until a couple years ago. I remember seeing some in my mom's pantry while growing up; we just never used it. Will my kids think I'm weird when they see me eat it every night before dinner? Or will they join right in as if that's the most normal thing in the world? I think I'm truly an addict.


Unknown said...

I like to mix muscle relaxers with sweet, sweet bourbon. Mmmmm...bourbon....brownest of the brown liquors.

Andre said...

I enjoy muscle relaxers as a light garnish to any dish! Crush them up into a powder, sprinkle some sea salt and paprika....voila! Relaxer seasoning!

Mr. we need to call AA on you?

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