Monday, February 13, 2006

La La La Monday

It’s time for the weekend update, but frankly I’m too tired and blogger is being really, really slow. Or maybe that’s just my internet. Whatev.

So, the short version:

Telling NN to not wear so much random stuff in one outfit
Curry party
The Belvedere building
Dancing in a sushi joint in the basement to DJ LOGO
Missing an exit
Wawa at 4am
Bestest slumber party ever, complete with Mickey D’s for breakfast
The yummiest lemon berry scones ever!
Nap #1
Cleaning out a moldy fridge in the front yard as it started to snow
Nap #2
First date
Feeling like you’re on the Titanic
Plentiful laughter
Toffee nut steamers
Losing the car
Stupid parking tickets
Cancelled church
Italian dinner
Georgetown basketball vs. the Brokeback Mountaineers

It was a rather eventful weekend with plenty of goodness. I like my life. It’s busy, but good. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Monday on the other hand started out well but slowly slipped downhill all day. Why oh why can’t the bus come on time after rush hour? Seriously, waiting for 30 minutes in the cold isn’t fun. I suppose it was worth the workout though, except when my iPod quit in the middle of my run. It better resurrect itself tomorrow. It’s my lifeline. I dunno what I’m gonna do until I can get to the Apple store. Sigh. The gym is therapeutic though, iPod or not. Apparently so is writing, but I don’t have time for that sort of therapy tonight.

When the bus finally did come, some guy on there had Popeye’s chicken that smelled AMAZING. I told him so. I came home with the intent to make some fried chicken myself, even though I have no clue how to do it. I did grow up in the semi-South, but my family never ate fried chicken. Or maybe we did and I just wasn’t paying attention. I had to dig out the cookbooks, and of course I didn’t have all the stuff to make it. I searched in the freezer and found some non-marinated chicken, threw it in the microwave to defrost, then realized it was the roommate’s fish, which I had just ruined. Doh! Time for plan B. But wait, dang it! I want fried chicken. I almost threw in the towel completely, but managed to conjure up something resembling fried chicken. I really shouldn’t try to make dinner at 9:30 anymore without proper ingredients.

Tomorrow is V-day. Have a happy one, even though I’m saying that under great obligation and duress.

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Unknown said...

If I didn't remember that you'd mentioned the restaurant was like the Titanic, I would said:

"Did you feel like you were on the Titanic because you were seasick the whole time?"

That would have been a funny joke.

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