Sunday, February 19, 2006

Outlet Heaven

I am a master marathon shopper, truly I am. I don't get to practice my skills all that often, but I was able to bust 'em out this weekend at Potomac Mills. Dangerous, lemme tell ya. By the end, clerks at various stores were commenting on how many bags I was carrying. I can't pass up a deal (though I AM practical about what I buy - no maxing out the credit cards or anything). I'm also very systematic in my strategy at this mall. I have to start at one end and work my way to the other end, giving every store equal opportunity to lure me in. And lure they did.

The rundown:
Haircut from a cute Afghan lady
Pants at Banana
Cute red top at Ann Taylor
Jeans at Gap
Underthings from two different stores (no, I won't model them :)
Black boots and brown croc heels from Nine West
Super soft towels
and my favorite of all that caught me by surprise -
This Reaction jacket screamed from the rack that I needed it, which I just had to agree with.

Just a side note, getting on the Beltway from Route 1 is really confusing....we had some fun detours, along with Salt 'n Pepa and Richard Marx sing-alongs. Shoop!


Andre said...

You know I need to see the shoes...::drools::

LaurenHoya said...

Coming up tomorrow!

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