Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hello Again and Adios!

I really have to set a lunch budget for work, or all my $ is gonna go bye-bye real quick, with no trace of disappearance. While out on Thursday for lunch (even though I took in leftovers with the good intent of eating at work), I ran into a former coworker who now works 2 blocks down. We're going out for lunch next week. Must stop! I resisted on Friday though - even after a group email went out with lunch plans. I had to eat those dang leftovers or they were gonna be bad. Next week I think I'll allow myself out on Tuesdays and Fridays. No more than 2x a week. Gotta join the gym still too. I'm drinking way too much soda. Health and wellness kick off with August....

Friday night was a reunion with NH (now NS) and JS and JL and other Gtown crew. The N and JS now live in Boston and got married in March. I don't think I've seen them in about a year, so it was fun to catch up. J wanted gossip - I have none! We dined at Cheesecake, and I definitely ended up 2 sets of leftovers from just one entree order there. It's always a struggle to pick something there - huge variety and huge portions. What exactly do I want to eat for the next 3 days?

PE picked me up after and we headed to Iota to see Getaway Car and to say adios to CN, who is soon leaving for New Orleans because of her husband's job. Maybe this is the year I'll finally get to Mardi Gras. On the way we listened to some old school Graham, and PE poked fun at my claim that they were the "band that changed my life." Truly they did, since they're the reason I even know CN! He said that just as we stopped behind a car with Michigan plates, a sign of my first outing with her. We met online because of GCB, and I went on a road trip to Detroit with her one weekend without ever meeting her in person first. Three and a half years later, we're still friends. Now she's moving on, but the GCB love will continue!

GAC was good, minus the crazy groupies that showed up and took over the place. Iota is really laid back, neighborhood bar, local music type of place. A gaggle of ridiculous girls showed up, probably 10-12 of them, hooched out, boots, fishnets, mini skirts, huge sunglasses, and gobs of jewelry. They snapped photos of themselves like wanna-be Paris Hiltons, danced all over each other, and even split up into two groups so they could stare at each other from across the room and crawl towards each other to meet in the middle and have a tryst. Ewh. At least they knew the words to all the songs. They gave them one iota of credit. (Ha ha, look at me, I'm so clever.)

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Andre said...

When are WE going to lunch?? LOL

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