Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sorry, Think You've Got the Wrong One....

I have a fairly common name, I suppose. Last name is very common, first name is top 40 for my year of birth, according to the Social Security Administration. My email address (or one of them, I should say) is first name.last name at gmail. I get LOTS of email for other people with my name. Does this happen to anyone else? Some recent samplings:
  • A Hallmark card from "my mom" who is "thinking of me" and wishing she could hug me through the computer screen. She hopes I have a good trip to DC this weekend, and wants me to know that the hot water heater died so she's using the motor home to shower.
  • Aparna wants me to know that priceline booked her flight a week early, and they won't change it and it's gonna cost 1300 so she can't come see me. She's really upset, but sends xoxo.
  • Karen sent me her strategy paper for a class. Too bad I'm not actually in her group; marketing is my field!
  • Keli filled out one of those "How well do you know me?" quizzes that she wants me to fill out and return. Somehow I don't think she'd know any of the facts I'd send back.
  • Brandon and Krystal included me on an Evite to their wedding! Congrats, I suppose.
  • Liz needs to reschedule our Friday meeting.
  • Kathryn picked out some headphones that might work with my new iBook.
  • Keli (same one as above) sent me my Feng Shui horoscope. Apparently I love kisses and affection, my love life will soon blossom, I like adventure (because I chose CA over FL), and I like to please people. Huh.
  • Dr. Harber sent me notes from his lecture in the class I'm taking on human genetics.
  • Anna thinks I want to be a panelist for the SWE overnight in Rochester. Weird....
  • Scott congratulated me on my promotion with an Apple ecard.
  • "Mom" sent me an Italy vacation itinerary. Wish I could've taken her up on that!
  • Lisa wants to go out for drinks, wants to attend law school since she liked the Law and Order marathon, and has some wacky stories about Charity to share.

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