Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's Go South

Last weekend was the long-awaited camping-turned-condo visit to MV and KatC's new place in the NC. KerC rented a PT Cruiser (I still really don't know why) for our ride down, super bright metallic blue. Google maps gave us the long directions, but TT, KerC and I finally arrived at 11ish Friday night. Yay for reunions! (There are way too many abbreviations in that paragraph.)

New fav board game ( thanks for the introduction KatC and MV!) - Settlers of Catan. At first I thought I'd be all confused and never get it, but by the second morning I was rarin' to go. I still don't think KerC gets it though.... Bye bye True Colors; you've been good to us, but we're moving on.

I almost bought one of these, but Tim convinced me that I wasn't really convinced. We drooled over some super-mod cool furniture that was way too expensive for any of our current statuses.

Super yummy Thai/Japanese food at a cool restaurant that's in a strip mall. I guess that's how they do things in the South.....

The drunk spelling bee at the Bickett gallery that we couldn't find. I think we were all out at the 2nd round, except KatC who went on to win 2nd place! Amazing. Some of those words were absolutely ridiculous, with varying degrees of difficulty. Stupidly, I missed justicious.

It was a wonderful chill weekend, lots of catching up, reading on the porch, pool time, board games. Always refreshing.

Caught the World Cup final. Yay for Italy!

I love this pic.

KerC needs to keep the tongue in check.
Tim is sneaking into the pic.
Kat, the wonderous hostess, even provided me with refreshing facial mask!

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