Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm Really Tired of Coming Up with Titles

From now on maybe I'll just name the post after whatever song is playing on my computer, whether or not it has anything to do with anything, just FYI. The creative juices are running dry.

Thursday evening I got home pretty early after work, all set for a quick nap before seeing Editors at 930. I'm old now - I need a nap before I can go out. However, a call from a former coworker had me quickly headed out to catch a bite to eat with him before I hit the show. Finally I hung out at the famous Mackey's with SS! Good times all around.

Met up with PE in the metro, though I was 10 minutes late and he was just about to take off without me. I suppose I'm usually about 10 minutes late to anything. Ooops. We made it in plenty of time though; Cedars hadn't started yet. I really liked them. I hope they play again soon, which they should since they're a local band. Band #2 - not so much. We found a seat in the back and talked through their set, pretty much hating it.

Editors put on a good show, of course. The lead singer didn't seem quite so weird this time; he acted mostly normal. No strange poses, glares, intense eye staring, etc. Camera is really great live. I don't like it so much on the album, but there's another dimension to the song on stage.
Look at us through the lens of a camera,
does it remove all of our pain?
If we run they'll look in the back room,
where we hide all of our feelings.

I'll just close my eyes as you walk out.

You fall from grace, we fall with such grace.
You fall from grace, we fall with such grace.
They closed with Fingers in Factories, my fav. Very, very loud, hard, strong. Excellent end. I know they've been pegged as "Interpol from the UK," but I hope they keep going for awhile. I enjoy. The only thing I didn't enjoy was drunk girl in front of me doing a half-cheerleader woo-hoo yell, hands in the air, half Partridge family sway dance and hugging her friends after each song that was "soooo good." That, and the cigarette smoke. Can't wait til that Smoke Free DC thing kicks in next year. Febreeze might see a drop in sales!

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