Thursday, July 13, 2006

That Disney Song Is Right

It is a small world, after all. (Apologies if that never-departing song is now stuck in your head.) Last week a few circles were connected, or reconnected, all within about 24 hours.

1) Left the house in the morning, headed towards the metro. As I crossed the street closest to my house, a guy came around the corner and walked next to me. He made some comment on the weather, we started talking, turns out he used to work at the place I'm starting at next week. J and I were headed in the same direction to work, so we continued our chat on the metro. He's a bartender/bouncer on the side, and asked me where I usually hang out in the city. Right then I remembered that he used to work at the Reef, where DH and I went every single evening in the summer of 2004. J totally remembered me and DH, even though that was a long time ago. Funny running into him in my neighborhood.

2) Saw an email on a list-serv from a guy looking for housing, since he's moving to DC in a few weeks. I totally recognized the name - I went to a church camp in Utah in 1997; we were in the same group together. I emailed him randomly to ask if that was indeed him, and sure enough! Crazy... 9 years later...

3) We had a little happy hour after work. Coworker A and I drove to Coworker B's building to pick her up after she dropped her car off. A said she knew someone who lived in that building - B wanted to know who, exactly, since she doesn't know anyone in her building. I then realized that I knew this person too; I interviewed with him and another friend of A's a few months ago. A also knows a friend that I was about to road trip with - she interviewed with him at his former company, then temped at his current company. Randomness. However, a reason that I do love DC.

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