Monday, July 03, 2006

Two Loves

I've never seen a single episode of Entourage, but I may have to start thanks to Mr. Grenier. He was quite lovely in this past weekend's movie watching. I think we all drooled. Why haven't I paid him any attention previously?

Second love of the moment - the Guillemots full album is here! Well, almost. It's released in the UK next week; not sure when the US date. However, you can listen to the whole beautiful thing on MySpace right now.

I'm mad raving about it. It's wonderous.


Anonymous said...

looks like a jerk. I don't like him

Jacinda said...

adrian is dreamy.
L- i've entered the blogsphere with the detox and i need your formatting help. tty soon

The Equalizer said...

Yay for blogging! Good luck Jacinda

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