Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Beyond Wonderland

So I'm not really a raver, but I do love trance.  LOVE IT.

The Beyond Wonderland festival was out in the LA burbs, with tons of DJs, five tents, and lots of dancing.  Becca, Jonathan and I headed out there on a cold, rainy afternoon to partake of the energy.  Plenty of people wearing next to nothing, but thankfully I'm smart and wore lots of layers.  

It was St Patrick's Day; I forgot to wear green.  Whoops.  

Jonathan's coworker is really into the raver scene - she made us some bracelets.  Yeah...I don't really get it. But it was fun to wear for the night!
I'm sure the place would've looked a little more magical if the wind and rain didn't tear down everything.

This video has a nice summary of the event.  Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance was going on here - he headlined the main tent. 

Cold.  Cold.  Cold.
I ended up seeing Armin, Gareth Emery, Arty (great), Aly & Fila (great), John O'Callaghan, ATB, Dirty South (great), Alex Gaudino, Hardwell, Chris Liebing, and John Digweed.  If any of those names means anything to you, we should be friends.

45 seconds of fun times with Dirty South
Churro break.

So John Digweed's set was at the same time as Armin and ATB at the end of the night, which made it hard to get around to all three.  But once I stepped into his venue, man, he was AMAZING.  The music was dark, gorgeous, and the way he built it up and took it down was incredible.  Best of the night; I couldn't tear myself away.  Digweed is good.

Next time, I'm gonna get me one of these.
The gang.


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