Friday, April 06, 2012

Life from My iPhone

I decided to live on the edge.


The LA Marathon came by my house.  I will probably only ever be a spectator, and I'm okay with that.  Mile 19 was lookin' tough!

In my quest to give up regular soda, I was on the hunt for DP Ten.  I finally found some!

It's good.  I really wish I had one right now.

Didn't these used to be larger?

 I want.

Main Street Santa Monica - Food Truck Tuesday
I'm a regular

Tried the Buttermilk Truck Brick
Hash browns, 2 eggs over easy, buttermilk biscuit, chorizo gravy


chartie said...

Don't you know Dr. Pepper 10 is not for girls?

katilda said...

i feel pain just looking at those runners. the iron man runs by our condo every year -- it's like mile 23 of the marathon, which is AFTER the swimming and AFTER the biking....they always look like they are in some serious pain.

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