Friday, April 13, 2012


Weirdly, I have met/know a handful of people from Mauritius  Don't know where that is?  You're not alone.

One of my home teachers is from Mauritius, and our mutual friend, Jami, has a sister living in Mauritius (married to a Mauritian) so we decided to celebrate that fact and have some Mauritian curry.  Kirsten came over, too.  She lived in Madagascar, close enough to Mauritius.  

Mostly we made Frederic cook, and we (the ladies) watched.  He is the Mauritian, after all. 

It was Saturday morning in Mauritius, so we Skyped with Frederic's family.  Michelle there on the far right, she's from Mauritius too. 
Jeff brought American dessert - warm chocolate cake with cream. 
Dinner was excellent - food and company, both.  I propose that next time we hold this gathering, we do it in Port Louis


llcall said...

I think the first time I ever HEARD of Mauritius was from the Nichols' clan. That made me feel lame -- I should at least have heard of all the countries in the world by the time I was in my 20s, right?

Apt #6 said...

I propose we explore Little Ethiopia in LA for our next culinary group adventure! Or I could try to make the curry using the techniques learned that night!- Jami

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