Friday, April 27, 2012

Utah Part II - Easterly Things

Doesn't Corey have a sweet 'stache?  He lives down the road from my brother; he came over to hang out.  He made an appearance at our Christmas vacation, too.
Max jumped really high.  He's super dog.
I don't even know.
We decided to go bowling.  A good, wholesome, Saturday night activity, since the wedding reception wrapped early and there wasn't even any dancing after!  I was meant to get my dance on at disco bowling instead, I guess.
Corey took a bowling class in college.  I picked him for my team.
Taylor and Courtney couldn't beat us!
I broke 100! 

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day.  After church, we went north to have Easter dinner with Courtney's family.  I crash all their holidays.

Courtney's mom kinda goes all out for holidays.  After our delicious meal of BBQ sandwiches, she told us that all the kids (all of us 'kids' are older than 23) had an Easter basket hidden around the house, which we had to find before we could go on a hunt for Easter eggs filled with cash money.  This family doesn't mess around.

We all found our baskets fairly quickly, AND we found Tyler's basket quickly, though it took him about 30 minutes.  We all watched him go nuts until he finally opened the oven door for the 3rd time and took a closer look.  

Time to hunt.  Seventy some eggs overall?  Mostly filled with $1, but a few had some bigger bills.  I like grown up egg hunts.
The Wells girls.  Love them all.

The spoils.
Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to Utah.  I ran into Emily at the airport; she was on her way back to Phoenix.
Hi there, purple beams of LAX.

Haleigh picked me up and needed some food on the way home.  Bullet proof glass at the drive through with a funky contraption for the exchanging of goods is not a comforting sign.

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