Saturday, April 14, 2012

DTLA's Other Marathon

There was a certain event a couple weeks ago where I played chaperone/responsible driver.  The official event itself got cancelled due to some legal issues, but the people watching and adventures were pretty excellent..  I'll always vote for a day of hanging out in DTLA. 

Stop one on the tour - a little brunch cafe.  An unlikely participant, I thought. 

I discovered a new restaurant with a lovely outdoor patio, hidden away in the Westin hotel.  I also found some Ninja Turtles.

We walked all over downtown.  Everywhere.  Here's a place where gypsies live. 

There are some really amazing buildings downtown.  Too bad lots of them are abandoned.  This one below isn't though!  It's a cool lounge called Salvage. 
I'm pretty sure I took this photo on Flower St. 

After a sushi dinner, I got a treat at the hottest new coffee shop in Little Tokyo.  It didn't taste Japanese at all. 

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