Thursday, September 25, 2014

Avoiding Winter - Arizona

I rolled into Meg's as usual. Slumber parties that last for a few days are the best. 

She moved from sweet baking into bread baking.

Since I'd moved teams at work, I didn't have a need to go into the office, but I went up and had lunch with Darryl one day and said hello to a few folks.

I'd started to research the concert scene in LA and turns out that 3 bands I like were all playing on the same day. Why?! Spread the love, people. I took to Twitter to discuss and got some fun replies.

I ran some errands around Phoenix, like the dentist and clothing consignment drop offs, and one evening I went south to Coolidge to see the grandparents and cousins.

Grandparents have been in this house for ages.

Julie and Jesse came into town for the Ragnar Relay that we'd be running together that weekend. I have no idea how they talked me into it, but I signed up on the promise that they'd give me the short distances to run.

Found some treasures around the house - my Glamour Shots from 8th grade. Remember when that was the thing to do?

Also found some of my dad's schoolwork from junior high. Kinda funny to go through.

AZ sunsets are the best.

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