Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome to Utah!

In true fashion, I rolled into town and went straight to a concert. My Moth & the Flame friends once again had a Velour show. Somehow I managed to rally through the moving stress, emotions, unpacking and all that to have a good time. I think brother Taylor went with me, as he'd never seen these guys play. He was impressed. 

Sorry if it's niece overload a bit. I' was going to enjoy more time with this chunk-a-munk.

Monday morning I headed up to my new job. I'd never meet my boss in person, nor my team, nor been to the SLC office. Turns out after I posted this photo on Instagram, two people I knew from DC (who are married to each other) let me know that one of them was working in the building, and I'd have a lunch buddy. I love the small world and my connections. It's been great to have them around.

People warned me about traffic and that I should be early since I had to drive over the point of the mountain. Um.....yeah, I just left LA.

It snowed more that week. I was in a dinky rental car for the first two weeks since my car was back in LA, and I was little worried about learning to snow drive and not wreck a rental.

Max emerges from his heated home. He likes the snow.

Those cheeks! They're amazing. Dinner at the favorite Smoking Apple in Lindon.

Fill those milk cheeks.

The Pioneer Woman has some awesome brownie recipes, and I had to try it out one Sunday afternoon.

I'd decided to sell of most of my furniture in LA and buy new things in Utah. I'd had most of my stuff for at least a decade, so it was time. I didn't have any idea what type of place I'd find in SLC, but I started looking anyway. I just knew I wanted to live alone.

Sofa shopping around here - super difficult. I'm beyond the IKEA years, but in terms of design, they win. This was a contender.

I've never owned one of these before!

I bought this little heart sweater for her and those cheeks.

One day walking into work. Cold and crisp.

I'm glad to have Nathan from LA up in SLC for a few years while he's in school. He's a thrift store expert and we hit up Provo for some shopping and other adventures.

Soda shops are all the rage in Utah, and I think this was one of the first trips to Sodalicious. Drink Your Mom - it's Dr Pepper, blackberry and coconut syrups, and it's the best thing ever. I'd abstained from sugar for a week, so this was my reintroduction. So good.

Lots of deer in the neighbors yard one night as I was driving home. They're magical

This is the inside of the Overstock warehouse, which is open to the public a couple days a week. So much to sort through.

I drove through SLC every few days to scope neighborhoods. I still had a lease to pay in LA through March, so I wasn't ready to move into my own place right away, but I researched!

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