Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Avoiding Winter - Back to LA

I knew I couldn't wrap up my life in a couple weeks, so I planned to come back to LA in February and make it a slow transition. And let's be honest, I had some concert tickets already purchased for shows that I didn't want to miss. That Delta airlines flight at 450pm has become a good friend. 

Mike picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Leo's for tacos.

I quickly shuffled over to the east side for the first show I didn't want to miss - Oneohtrix Point Never. I'd seen him open for Sigur Ros twice during the previous year, but it wasn't til later that things really clicked for me, and I had to be at this show at the Echo. It was excellent.

I spent Saturday roaming around the Valley with Trevor, helping him organize his house and film collections. I think I had a realization that living in the Valley wouldn't be so bad.

Saturday night my friends played again in downtown LA. Good to see a selection of friends there.

Sunday church in Glendale and ice cream mustaches. And there was Monday dinner at Baco Mercat and Monday residency night at the Echoplex. 

I had to get back to 800 Degrees. I still miss it.

Tuesday night was St Lucia with Cher.

Wednesday was the last Century City Lunch Group I hosted.

There was shelf assemblage.

Wednesday night was Greg Laswell at the Troubadour. I've missed this guy.

Much more lighthearted and less depressing than usual.

Thursday was Disneyland! Those beignets.

Jami and Becca will always go to Disneyland.

Friday was Valentine's Day, and I fell in love with Porto's at first sight.

Saturday was Silverlake Ramen. I'm still looking for good ramen in SLC. I've gotta work a little harder in that search because sometimes I just need it.

On Sunday night I had a goodbye gathering back at the old apartment. I will miss this gang.

Oh, Patrick. Three years of living in the same city and we saw each other twice?

This gang stayed a little later into the evening and it's where the idea for Cameron's Love Songs After Dark party came together. He loves adult contemporary music and had been compiling his top 50 songs. We moved that to a slow dance party idea, and I made him promise to host it on a weekend that I came back to LA. Indeed, it did.

Monday was my last day in LA for this trip, and Trevor and I hit MOCA on Grand since I'd never been.

We ate at Lemonade there and I decided I'm not a fan even though the rest of LA seems to be.

That afternoon, always later than I expect, I was off to AZ to run through the desert with 11 other crazy people.

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