Friday, September 19, 2014

Moving Weekend - LA to UT

Moving weekend was finally upon me. My house was a mess. 

That Friday morning I was a bit of a wreck. I had a call with my boss and I think I sorta cried. She'd been on maternity leave while I was applying for this new job, and I got the offer and needed to call her first before my new boss did. It all happened so fast.

I picked up my moving truck on Friday morning and loaded it up that afternoon.

Lucky for me, I had great home teachers who came to help me load up, both French speakers! I miss them.

Trevor and Masato came over, too. My awesome mailman took this photo of all of us. Van loading wasn't too bad, I even backed that truck into my driveway by myself, with the helpful of a neighbor's eye. I'd decided that I wanted to sell off most of my furniture and get all new stuff when I arrived in Utah, so it didn't seem like that much to pack. 

 Sometime that afternoon I closed the door on Hilts (until I came back in February) and drove across town to pick up Marcello, who was going to make the drive to UT with me. I've got such good friends.

We drove to another friend's house outside of St George and stayed with Abe and his family. We got in later than expected, but sometimes that's just how moving goes. I was a bit of a mess.

 Saturday morning, up and at 'em with Marcello at the helm. We needed to get in on time to see The Moth & the Flame that night.

We pulled into Utah and hit the storage unit that I had rented. Unpacking time. Taylor and Courtney came to help.

It was cold and icy in there!

Stuff put in storage, other stuff thrown into an extra bedroom at Taylor's house, and the biggest part of the move was done. I didn't know what was ahead, but this munchkin is one of the best reasons to be here!

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