Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ah, January Weekends

Can they get better than this?

Friday night arrival at LAX
Outdoor sushi dinner 
A sparkling clean room (he even took off the windows to scrub them)
Girl with Dragon Tattoo trilogy movie completion
Diner breakfasts
Biking to the beach
People watching in Venice
Pita chips and red pepper hummus
All the Dr Pepper I could drink
Head shaving
Collaborative art show by the guy who made the famous Obama Hope poster and a guy from Devo (Whip It!)
Late night In-n-Out
Awesome cars at the Petersen Museum
Walking through museum row on a beautiful day
Sad goodbye at the departures curb at LAX

This man danced in the drum circle with a stuffed dog on his head.

We watched this man below cause a traffic jam when he fell.  He literally couldn't stand up.  He'd try and try again to get up, would be on his feet for 2 seconds, and bam!  Right on the ground again.  Finally he resigned himself to laying in the sand for an hour or so.  He was trying to get up again as we were leaving, but no such luck.  As my dad would say, mean ole Mr. Gravity.  I have no idea how he even biked there in the first place.


Ari F said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to the Petersen!

LaurenHoya said...

I really loved it! Totally worth going, even if it wasn't free! Thanks again for the tickets :)

Megs said...

Oh my, you two are cute!

nerak said...

ok yeah, that's pretty much perfection right there.

katilda said...

was that man intoxicated??

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