Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm a Junkie

Two small confessions here, I suppose.

I'm a magazine junkie.  Come over to my house if you're out of things to read, and I promise a box of old magazines are laying around for the taking.  I provided several magazine Christmas trees as decoration this year; I'm all about reuse or recycle.  Need some pretty paper to make a collage?

I think the whole love of shiny printed pages stems from not being allowed to read all those fun teen magazines that tell you how to be cool and look cute when you're in junior high.  I recall going to slumber parties at other girls' houses who had stacks of them, and I'd usually ignore what was going on in the room so I could pour over pages of clothes and make up and articles about boys (which I found dumb at the time and still do.  My own common sense is a much better guide) to catch up on things I might have missed.  Or maybe that was just my escape from reading too many serious books, as I always have.

I grew out of the teen stage, and eventually went to work for this company's magazines and became entrenched in the industry.  I went to meetings in New York and Florida and met with people from People.  And Sports Illustrated, Martha Stewart, Time, InStyle, etc and on and on.  And there were free magazines galore!  And insider tricks on how to get cheap ones.  And with magazine prices dropping to a dollar an issue or less (a lot of that for postage) or the ability to trade useless frequent flyer miles, why not subscribe?  Point is - I get a lot of magazines.  And I love them.  I may be the youngest person with a current subscription to Reader's Digest.

Anyway, that's point 1.

Junkie point 2:  I am a sucker for drug store cosmetics.  I could easily spend an hour in CVS/Walgreens/Target, picking out fun products to try and deciding who has the best cheap mascara or the best shade of lip gloss that stays put.  I love seeing the tag sales at CVS and deciding what new thing I can try.  And you know what feeds this?


Especially now that I'm older and thinking I spent too much time in the sun as a kid - I will read any article that talks about skin care.  Especially the ones where dermatologists mention what they use and recommend. It's not too late for prevention!  I don't want wrinkles and sun spots!

A current list of things to grab on my next drugstore run:

Purpose Cleansing Bar

L'Oreal's Youth Code line 
New Dove Body Wash 

Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer

Liquiline Blast

Who wants to go on a shopping adventure?!  

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