Friday, January 07, 2011

Killin' Time

Despite all the distractions I may have at my work desk (no, Facebook and YouTube don't count - blocked!), I will choose Google Reader as my favorite time waster ever, over Blackberrying, Kindling, and walking around our desert/cactus campus.

I go through hundreds and hundreds of articles daily, but sometimes I still run out of things to read.  I swear I actually do work and that I'm just a quick reader.

I've just spent half an hour adding all sorts of new personal blogs to my Google Reader feed and driving that number of unread articles right up!  I'm amazed at the amount of entertaining commentary that goes on out there in the internets - it's inspiring to see people post things almost daily.  Since I rarely comment and tend to blog stalk, you may never know I'm there, but I love reading what you write!

Not to steal Katie's idea, but talking about dating and relationships on the blog is the juicy stuff that people want to read. I've avoided it for so long, or been very vague about things, so much that I can't even remember the who/what/when/where/why of certain situations.

Maybe now that I've found myself in a happy relationship, I'm willing to open up and share the good and the awkward? Especially at the prodding of *insert clever nickname here*, who has basically said he will only read my blog if I talk about him and has admitted to doing a search on his name.  Well, *clever nickname*, you just might get your way.

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katilda said...

i <3 this. Except you just one-upped me because your dating posts will actually be about successful you've given something aspire to :) although fail-dating stories are surely entertaining.

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