Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Adventures in Arizona August

Only a few more months of updates to go!

Littl bro came home to Oklahoma in July after two years in Argentina, and just before he started school at OSU (only one kid in the family made it to BYU), he and the parents came out to AZ to say hello to the rest of the extended family.  Tay and Court came down from Utah and we had a mini reunion with everyone else.

When you see a rainbow on your way to the airport to pick people up, it's got to be a good sign of things to come.  Monsoon season!

All of dad's family came over to mom's parents house (they were gone) on Saturday to kick things off.  I decided it'd be a great idea to buy a 1000-piece puzzle to keep people occupied, if they weren't into swimming or card games or whatever else my mom had planned.
As demonstrated by the photos below, cell phones > puzzles.

However, I'm slightly obsessive about these kinds of things and knew I couldn't leave the puzzle unfinished, nor would my grandmother let me keep that puzzle on her coffee table until Christmas, so I roped a friend into helping me after the family had left, and by golly we finished that thing the next weekend after working on it with nary a break.  Since that weekend in August, I have completed two other 1000-piece puzzles; one I received as a gag birthday gift from the friend who got roped into helping, and another as a Christmas present.  I kind of love them!
It's not a real family meal unless there are olives!  Most people are okay with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on tacos/Mexican food, but it's not complete for me unless there are olives!  After living with my grandparents for almost a year, I figured out where this need comes from.  Thank you, Kleck family.
On Sunday we drove down to dad's family church in Coolidge and attended the Spanish branch since my brother and cousin (also recently returned from a mission in Uruguay) had to speak there.  My poor madre could only make out a few words here and there.

I think we tried our best to avoid the Williams Family Cousin Talent Show that Grandma makes us do every time we're together (it's painful, trust me), but having them fall asleep really helped get us out of performing.  Cheers to Sunday naps!

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